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About Repinned

Repinned specializes in the centuries-old skilled trade and art of professional custom upholstery. Artisans work with you one-on-one to redesign pieces you already own or bought used (we say “previously-loved”) and transform them into your dream furniture. Our location in the Merle Hay neighborhood of Des Moines, IA, offers a wide variety of services including design, custom upholstery, refinishing, repair, restoration, modification, and custom builds.

It’s a common misconception that reupholstering is a less expensive alternative to buying new. In fact, custom upholstery is comparable to, if not more expensive than, buying new, because the materials we use are higher quality than mass-manufactured furniture and last far longer. If you’re looking for a more sustainable furniture solution, consider getting a high-quality piece reupholstered.

Every piece we work on tells a story and has a history.

Creating Tomorrow’s Heirlooms

Repinned creates custom pieces with an emphasis on quality and longevity. We are creating today’s functional art and tomorrow’s heirlooms. Every piece we work on tells a story and has a history. We love hearing why these pieces are so special to our clients or what they will mean in the future.

Our Team

Riana LeJeune

Owner & Luxury Artisan

Riana LeJeune-Copeland is the owner and creative mastermind of Repinned. Riana was raised by an emergency medical pilot and a historic restoration expert. She spent her childhood in historic homes, where she developed a deep appreciation for antiques and great craftmanship. After her daughter was born in 2011, Riana took a part-time job with Firefly Unlimited, a company that made skydiving jumpsuits for skydivers all over the world. It was there she worked alongside her first female business owner and entrepreneur, who served as a true inspiration for Riana’s next step.

While methodically taking jumpsuits apart for alteration, something in her brain clicked and she realized: if you can take something apart, you can learn to put it back together! She decided to apply this philosophy to furniture and her side gig. Even when facing obstacles such as the lack of local upholstery schools, she persevered, seeking out mentors and teachers from all over the world. She named her new business “Repinned,” and the rest is history!

Justin Copeland

Master Craftsman

Justin was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and grew up near Waukee and Adel. He graduated high school with a love of art and design. After high school, Justin enlisted in the Marine Corps as a hydraulics and airframes mechanic. During this time, he developed strong mechanical skills that were also applicable to his passion of woodworking. Justin holds a bachelor’s degree from Kaplan University.

Alex Cottington


Alex is an apprentice in the Repinned workroom, and she is excited to dive into the skilled trades. She has had a lifelong obsession with vintage furniture and interior design, and she is passionate about creating things with her own two hands. A recent graduate, she is looking forward to a career in the upholstery industry and is excited to be crafting custom pieces and learning from the best!

Alex works on tear down and build, predation, and tear back of fabrics. She is learning suspension systems, graphics of fabric work, and piece cutting. In her free time, she enjoys making coffee and art and going for hikes.

Izzy Copeland

Head of PR

Ten-year-old powerhouse and extreme extrovert, Izzy loves telling people about her parents’ business and handing out business cards. It’s only a matter of time before she joins the family business, as she claims she wants to be an upholsterer when she grows up. In her free time, she likes to study fire safety and tornadoes. You might also find her upside-down perfecting her circus arts.

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